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Mountain's Edge Farm, LLC, Sean, Jennifer, Jeremy and Kyle Lang, was established in 2002 with the purchase of our farm in Hinesburg from Rod and Jean Isham. Emily Lang joined us in 2004. The Ishams owned the farm since 1961 and operated it as a dairy farm. At the time of our acquisition a conservation easement was purchased by the Vermont Land Trust, ensuring that this farm will remain available for agricultural pursuits in the future.

Our first Belgian draft horse (known as the gentle giants) mare, Dixie, joined the farm in 2003 coming from Jennifer's father, a long-time Belgian horse breeder in Maine. Dixie's first foal, Daisy, joined us in 2004. From this point forward we have continued to add to the herd which now consists of many Belgian draft horses and a few saddle horses. These gentle giants range in age from newborns to 30+ years in age.

We have our herd sires that have done a wonderful job of helping us expand the herd. They have produced some big beautiful foals for our farm.

All the mare, stallions, and geldings work together doing various jobs for us on the farm and at the shows. In 2008, we started showing these horses at various venues around New England.

My daughter enjoys riding the saddle horses as well as the Belgian draft horses. She enters into some classes with them while we are at shows.

Please call and stop in for a visit, wagon or sleigh ride. Also come out and see us at some of our shows. We attend Addison County Farm & Field Days, Skowhegan State Fair, Champlain Valley Fair, Lancaster Fair, Fryeburg Fair, and Topsfield Fair yearly.

Please follow our tabs to see the all-natural beef, pork, and poultry products we offer. You can also find our honey, maple and horse-drawn events. 

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